Consequences of Social Media

We all know of the dangers of posting on social media. Things like, you're going on vacation and your home will be vacant, as well as the predators we warn our children of.

We also know the benefits of finding old friends you haven't seen in decades and the ability share photos with family and friends.

I'm speaking about career benefits and consequences of social media.

The benefits are tremendous and abundant. You can market your business to millions of potential clients for free. We have the ability to create a brand based around your passions or business. You can leverage YouTube to learn how to do nearly anything. All the while posting videos and creating an online resume for your cooking or video editing passions.

The consequences can be career or job suicide. As an employer, with my recent business, I would always check the social media accounts of potential new hires. You get a little insight into their life and hobbies.

I have seen posts that should have cost people their jobs, and probably did. One that comes to mind was a post where the employee was a dump truck operator. The Facebook post was a picture from a cab of the truck that was obviously on a job site. The truck driver tagged his employer in post in which the he shared the fact that he was "too hungover for this sh*t today". WHAT? Why would you ever think this is a good idea? You have to assume I'm giving him too much credit, as there is no way he thought about this post.

I feel like so many people think social media is a place void of consequences. Which isn't the case at all. There is a recent lawsuit where someone is being sued for leaving negative comments and reviews. The comments and reviews are allegedly lies, because this customer was upset that a coupon purchased from the previous owners wasn't honored by the new owners. It's very interesting and should be an eye opener for some people.

Like everything else in life, social media will be what you make of it. If you're positive and leverage its ability for positive things it's a wonderful tool and will likely be a positive experience. If you're negative person and use it in a negative way don't be surprised when negative things happen because of it.

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