If not now when seize the day

I needed to record some content for our website and social media. So, I hired a videographer to record and edit the conversations, as that is outside of my skill set.

After speaking with a group of high school students, a few stayed after to ask some questions regarding their aspirations.

Two girls were there and told each other to “go first,” as they neither of them wanted to speak first. I don’t know if this was because they were shy, afraid of rejection, or they have been told, like me, that their dreams weren’t achievable.

I pressed them to just ask the question, I asked what they wanted to do when they got out of school. One finally spoke up and said… I want to be a photographer and how do I get started? What? I have a professional photographer here, standing in front of you, an opportunity I would never pass up. I introduced her to Hugo, and they talked about the basics of getting started and the equipment needed.

This young lady almost passed on the opportunity to talk to a professional in the field she wants to work in because she’s shy, or nervous, or afraid of rejection, or any other reason.

I want everyone to seize these moments and not live with the regret of “what if.” I try not to give myself the option to have those regrets. I make every effort to seize these moments in my life and ask questions. Who cares if they reject me? I don’t!  I have my answer and no regret. I seek out the next person to ask for advice or help. This is all part of the process. Don’t expect everyone to be willing to help, but there are plenty that will.

I remember being at a trade show a few years ago and a gentleman being in the same business as me, but at a much larger scale was there. I knew of him, but I know he didn’t have a clue who I was.  I was nowhere near his level. I wanted to try and learn from him and gain any knowledge I could to help me grow my business. I approached and asked if we could share a cab to the airport? He didn’t even acknowledge I had asked him a question. So, I asked again, maybe he didn’t hear me or didn’t think I was talking to him, since he didn’t know me. He said no, and I never spoke to him again, but I know I tried and don’t have to live with the regret of “what if I would have asked.” I shared a cab with another colleague and picked his brain on the way to the airport.

When I decided to write a children’s book about bullying, I didn’t know where to start. I can barely read much less write, illustrate, or publish. I reached out to two gentlemen I just heard speak to teens about “getting money.” I knew they had written a children’s book as they promoted it on stage. I sent an email introducing myself and telling them about my project and asked for advice on where to start with getting a book from my head to published. They never responded.  I’m confident that if I would have sent an email to book them for a paid speaking spot,  I would have heard back quickly as there content was about “getting money”. To me that speaks to the type of people they truly are and not a reflection of me or my project.

There is no way I’m going to let two guys I don’t know stop me from reaching my goals. I sent another email to a friend of mine who I thought could point me in the right direction. She knows an editor, illustrator, and she’s going to be my ghost writer. The book will be published by February 2019.

Don’t be discouraged by others keep moving forward and seize these moments of opportunity, better yet create moments of opportunity.


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