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Anyone who has heard or will hear my story,  knows the impact my mentor and partner had on me. I learned how to run a successful business watching him work. He taught me the decision-making process over years of asking him what he would do.

I’m not talking about my mentor this time. I’m talking about my wife, my other partner. Much like my business partner, she saw something in this high school dropout from Tennessee.

Over the past 25 years, she has been by my side for every success and every failure. She supported my unwavering desire to be a business owner, every step of the way. My wife would work jobs that she didn’t like, at some points two at a time, so I could chase my dreams. Jobs that most would think were below them, however, she was willing to make those sacrifices to support me.

At one point I thought I wanted to be a day trader. I shared with her a spreadsheet that I had been keeping track of phantom trades. In one month, I had picked winners that would have provided a $10,000 profit. I was doing so well, I thought it was time to go to the real stock market.  When she was onboard, we borrowed $70,000 and I was off to trade. During the first month, with real money, I had accumulated about $10,000 in profit. This was easy or so I thought. I rented a large $500 per night cabin in the mountains to celebrate. On the way home, my blackberry was blowing up, the market is crashing, and I was now losing money. I made bad trade after bad trade to try to get back to even. Before long, it was all gone. We paid on those loans for years with nothing to show except a monthly reminder of my mistake and the lesson that all educations are expensive.

To this day, my wife has never brought up the fact that I failed, the fact that I lost $70,000, the fact that we paid those loans for years.

I don’t know if she looks at it as failure is part of the process, but that’s the woman she is, unwavering support.

When I decided to pursue my speaking and coaching career. We talked everything over, she gave me her support and here I am now.

My partner is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She is the most selfless person I have ever met, but she doesn’t long for anyone to know.

She is the reason I am the man I am.

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