About Michael

michael zed johnson

young michael and brothermichael and his family

My name is Michael Zed Johnson. I was an underachieving student, bully, & high school dropout. I'm now a selfless entrepreneur, mentor, & businessman.

I have a passion for sharing my story and providing inspiration to youths that may be on the same path I was, grew up on welfare like I did, or had addict parents like I do.

My journey as an entrepreneur started when I was 14 years old. My brother and I sold our dirt bikes to buy equipment for a lawn service business to help our mom pay bills

Fast forward two decades, and by most standards, I'm a success based on my entrepreneurial journey. High school age kids would measure my success based on money or material things, as I did at one point.

What I have come to learn is the true meaning of success and the biggest key to getting there. For me success is happiness and living a selfless life and the key to that is the circle of people you bring into your life.

I have traded money for happiness, material things for selflessness, and ordinary people for extraordinary.

Michael currently lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his wife, Vicky and daughter, Ashlyn.